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Become a Seller on Joom!

Expand into Global Markets by Selling on!

​ is an e-commerce platform that allows you to reach millions of customers around the world. By joining, you can offer your products to global markets and grow your business.

​Why should you choose

​1- Global Customer Base: provides access to customers around the world. You can increase your sales by introducing your products to an international audience.


2- Easy and Fast Sales: Thanks to's user-friendly interface and practical sales process, it is possible to list your products quickly and easily. You can carry out your transactions with simple steps.


3- Advertising and Marketing Opportunities: offers a variety of advertising and marketing options to make your products stand out. You can reach potential customers with targeted campaigns.





Become a Seller on!

Explore Global Markets by Selling on! offers cross-border sales opportunities, assisting you in expanding your business on an international scale. We open doors to earning in dollars with our extensive customer base, robust technological infrastructure, and effective marketing options.

1- Quick and Easy Integration: Thanks to GXLocal's integrated structure, listing your products on and managing your inventory becomes quick and straightforward. You can handle all your operations from one central location.

2- Extensive Customer Network:'s vast customer base allows you to reach millions of potential buyers with your products, presenting a significant opportunity to boost your sales.

3- Reliable Technological Infrastructure: GXLocal securely manages your data with a robust technological infrastructure. It offers a user-friendly interface for tasks such as product listing, price updates, and order management.

4- Marketing and Advertising Opportunities: Through GXLocal integration, provides you with personalized marketing and advertising opportunities. You can highlight your products and introduce your brand to a broader audience.



​Become a Seller on!

Explore Global Markets by Selling on!

Take advantage of the power of to achieve success in the world of e-commerce. is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Uzbekistan and offers all the tools you need to grow your business.

Why should you choose

1- Special Focus on Uzbekistan: focuses on the local market of Uzbekistan and offers unique opportunities tailored to this market. You can easily reach Uzbek customers with your products.

2- Fast and Reliable Service: provides a fast and reliable sales process. You can quickly list your products and conduct seamless transactions with your customers.

3- Powerful Marketing Options: offers effective advertising and marketing tools to promote your products. By creating targeted campaigns, you can reach a broader customer base.



Become a Seller on!

​Grow Your Business by Selling on!, as Russia's leading e-commerce platform, offers you a great business opportunity. By selling on, you can reach millions of potential customers in Russia and grow your business.

Why should you choose

1- The Strength of the Russian Market: has a broad customer base in Russia. By being present on this platform, you can directly offer your products to Russian consumers.

2- Advanced Technological Infrastructure: Thanks to its robust technological infrastructure, allows you to easily list products, manage inventory, and track orders.

3- Reliability and Buyer Confidence: takes measures to provide a reliable shopping experience for buyers and offers buyer protection. This increases customers' trust in you.







Become a Seller on

​Grow Your Business by Selling on

1- Power of the Turkish Market: is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Turkey with a vast customer base. By joining this platform, you can directly reach Turkish consumers and tap into a wide audience.

2- Advanced Technology Infrastructure: facilitates easy product listing, inventory management, and order tracking through its robust technological infrastructure. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technological solutions enable you to run your business more efficiently.

3- Reliability and Buyer Guarantee: takes measures to provide buyers with a reliable shopping experience and ensures buyer protection. This increases customer trust in your products and supports your sales.

4- Local Market Understanding: With expertise in understanding the specific needs of the Turkish market, allows you to tailor your services to local consumers more effectively.

5- Various Payment Options: The platform offers various payment options, providing payment convenience for customers. A broad range of payment methods, from credit cards to cash on delivery, allows customers to shop according to their preferences.

6- Marketing and Promotion Opportunities: offers sellers various marketing and promotion opportunities to introduce your products to a broader audience. Discount campaigns, promotions on special occasions, and other advantages can increase your potential customer base.

7- Fast and Reliable Shipping Options: Considering Turkey's geographical structure, fast and reliable shipping options are a significant advantage. supports efforts to maximize customer satisfaction by collaborating with various courier companies.

8- Communication and Support Services: The platform provides effective tools for customer communication and support. Quick and professional customer support stands out as a crucial element in increasing customer satisfaction and building a positive business relationship.

9- Analytical Tools and Data Monitoring: offers sellers the opportunity to monitor interaction and sales data. With these analytical tools, you can understand market trends and adjust your strategies accordingly.

10- Collaboration and Networking Opportunities: The platform fosters collaboration and information sharing among sellers. This enables you to stay informed about industry developments, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance your business

Step-by-step guide for setting up and selling on Hepsiburada 

  1. Research and Planning:

    • Research the Turkish market and understand your target audience.

    • Identify the products you want to sell on Hepsiburada.

  2. Register Your Business:

    • Work with Glxocal to register your company in Turkey, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

  3. Create a Glxocal Account:

    • Sign up for an account on Glxocal, the platform that assists with various aspects of selling on Hepsiburada.

  4. Product Listing:

    • Use Glxocal to easily list your products on Hepsiburada. Include detailed and accurate product information.

  5. Inventory Management:

    • Utilize Glxocal's tools to manage your inventory efficiently, keeping track of stock levels and restocking as needed.

  6. Set Up a Warehouse:

    • Work with Glxocal to establish a warehouse in Turkey for storing your products.

  7. Shipping and Logistics:

    • Coordinate with Glxocal for reliable shipping and logistics solutions. Ensure fast and secure delivery of your products.

  8. Payment Integration:

    • Integrate your payment methods with Glxocal and Hepsiburada to facilitate smooth transactions.

  9. Marketing and Promotions:

    • Take advantage of Hepsiburada's marketing tools and promotional opportunities to increase the visibility of your products.

  10. Customer Support:

    • Use Glxocal's resources for effective customer support. Address inquiries and issues promptly to enhance customer satisfaction.

  11. Monitor Performance:

    • Regularly monitor your sales performance, customer feedback, and market trends using Glxocal's analytical tools.

  12. Adapt and Expand:

    • Based on your performance data, adapt your strategies as needed. Consider expanding your product range or entering new markets within Turkey.

  13. Network and Collaborate:

    • Engage with other sellers on Glxocal and Hepsiburada. Networking and collaboration can provide insights and potential business opportunities.

  14. Stay Informed:

    • Keep yourself informed about updates and changes in Hepsiburada's policies and the Turkish e-commerce market.

  15. Continuous Improvement:

    • Continuously work on improving your services, product offerings, and customer experience to stay competitive in the market.

By following these steps with the assistance of Glxocal, you can establish a successful presence on Hepsiburada and effectively navigate the Turkish e-commerce landscape.


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